Made in America

As we shift closer towards 'onshoreing' and a growing consumer demand for American manufacturing (yaaaahooo Push Potaito!), we can't help but reminisce the stereotypes associated with 'Made in USA.' More often than not, a strong, hard working factory worker in Detroit comes to mind. Maybe a golden lab and a Coca Cola. In essence, Americana is still a modern theme - found everywhere from LA to Paris, Texas. And though these photos may be from different eras, perspectives, they all share a sort of independence, no?

Take a look at some dreamy images from American photographers, classic and modern.

(Wim Wenders)

(Robert Frank)

(Scott Pommier)

(William Eggleston)

(Larry Fink)

(William Gedney)

(Doug van de Zande)

(Robert Frank)

(Hugh Holland)

(Danny Lyon)

(Hugh Holland)

(Robert Frank)



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