About Us

Potaito Boards is founded and run by a small group of skaters and carpenters in California.
                                                                                                            We grew up playing and working in the local skate community. Having grown weary of the number of poorly constructed boards with fake wood detail available on the market, we set to work on some extensive R&D. After years of testing, sculpting, and manipulating materials, we’re launching our optimal lineup of shred-ready cruisers with the mission to fuse our background in fine woodworking and our passion for skating. With materials such as wenge, mahogany, and walnut, Potaito Boards look as good as they ride.
We're on a mission to prove that sustainability ≠ compromise. We strive to make the raddest old-school cruisers that just happen to be environmentally friendly.
      Decks always handmade in California. USA made parts. 
-- The PB team