New Year, Same Earth: 2017's Best Environmental Podcasts

Desperate for something fascinating to bring up at the water cooler this morning? Need to brush up on your ecology? Curious about city lizards or the current state of the Great Smoky Mountains? You're in luck. Our team has rounded up a sawwweeet list of the best podcasts for you to catch up on environmental facts, theories and discussions.

Checkkk it:


Living on Earth

A weekly show sponsored by NPR. Discussions range from ecological discoveries to how humans interact with our environment. 

Don't miss: "Jellyfish are ancient, beautiful and mysterious. But they're becoming a global headache"



BBC's Costing the Earth

The BBC's comprehensive guide to human life and its effect on Earth. Each episode features a lifestyle habit or political action that can change the environment around us. Plus, this will have you speaking in a British accent for hours afterwards.

Listen to: "Putting the Fizz back into Planet Earth"


The Climate Minute

Based in Massachusetts, The Climate Minute is a news-oriented podcast focusing on the latest info regarding climate change and renewable energy. Fast paced and informative, this is a great way to keep up to date with ecological news.

Listen to: "America is Better Than This"


Climate One at the Commonwealth Club

Climate One organizes cool events where they host leaders from different industries for an intimate live interview with an environmentalist or scientific panel. The talks are entertaining and cover a wide range of subjects from agriculture to forestry.

Listen to: Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard Live at Commonwealth Club in Campbell, CA (we were there!).


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