The Ultimate Potaito Holiday Gift Guide

Need help deciding on the perfect Potaito for that special someone? We've got you covered. Each Potaito model offers a unique riding style that's better suited for a certain type of skater. Here's the breakdown:

The Baked

 The Baked is for the ultimate chill dude. The largest and most stable deck of the lineup, this board is best for those looking for a mellow ride. 


The Taiter 

Designed as a hybrid cruiser, the Taiter takes characteristics from both the Baked and the Wedge. An efficient commuter thanks to its large wheelbase, the Taiter also features a kicktail and concave for the more versatile skater. The Taiter will spice up your life... or at least your daily commute.


The Wedge

The Wedge gets its name from its sweeping kicktail. And those huge British french fries. Accommodating of more aggressive riding styles, the Wedge's design is a throwback to 1980's pool decks. The complete setup is still focused on cruising, for those looking for a smooth ride with a bit more flair.


The Brava

The most entertaining board we've ever designed; we've laminated as much detail into the mini 23.5" Brava deck as possible. The Brava has a pronounced kicktail, sloping camber and a comfortable concave, making this mini-cruiser the highest quality small board on the market. Best suited for very small people... or those looking for a well-built alternative to a plastic banana board.

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