Potaito Speed Square

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We worked with a friend to design and machine these anodized aluminum and brass speed squares. They include rulers on both sides and are likely more accurate than any square you have to check them against. That's all that needs to be said about the squares. The real reason we're offering them for sale is to raise money to assist in addressing institutionalized racism in our society. All of the profit made from each sale will be donated towards Color of Change, a nonprofit focused on responding to political, cultural, economic and other injustices pervasive against Black people. 

To me, this is hardly political, but if it upsets you, please understand that there's members of our communities who experience the same environment differently than you do. I believe we need to acknowledge cultural biases and listen and learn from minority voices. These tools I am offering for sale are a drop in the ocean towards fixing the inherent issues with our society, maybe smaller, but they could help lead to conversations and new perspectives. 

If you would like your donation to be made towards a different nonprofit please include your intended organization in the order notes.